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Transforming from intern to employee

By Kishwar Chahal


So you think you have landed your dream internship and you’d like to retain it. After all, finding a job that you like and be able to keep working in it- is hard to come by these days. That might not be the only reason why you’d like to keep working where you are interning at. It is a jungle out there and we all know it; finding a job these days is quite similar to that needle in the haystack. There might be a zillion jobs out there but nonetheless, they are difficult to find.


There are so many companies who would rather promote from within rather than hire people from the outside. So then why not try your luck. Give that internship a full-fledged effort from your end and let the company decide your fate.

There are a couple of things you can adhere to in order to be able to take jump from intern to employee. Well one might argue to the fact of fitting in and standing apart; you need to find that perfect balance of being a part of the company while being able to showcase the individual that you are. Let’s have a look at some easy things that you can incorporate into your life and mannerisms:

While in Rome

The way you dress for your office plays a very important role. While there are offices who have realized the importance of letting individuals be and giving them the liberty of dressing their mind, the corporate sector and others alike are far from it.  You might have gotten away with that unkempt look while you were in school or college but not here, somebody might not point it out outwardly to you but your disheveled look will be remembered. Try to remember that it’s good to stand out but not through a shabby/ over-the-top wardrobe.

Do what the Romans do

Take this for reasoning, that even though you got the internship you are still on a selection leash for the job. Everyone would want to be at the best of their behavior and performance for an interview, similarly you would want be presented with your best foot forward throughout your internship. The way you gel in with the company and its environment can be one of the reasons for you being retained in the company. Make sure that you are taken as a team player and not a liability while you are interning and co-workers like working with you.

Be inquisitive

Know this, and know this now; there is a very important difference in being curious and getting on the nerves of people around you. While asking questions in the office is important for you to get noticed around, but asking too many questions is going to get you on that ‘people to avoid’ list. Ask the right questions that send the message of you genuinely being interested in your work and will turn out to be one of the productive members in the team. If you think there is something that will in turn help you perform better, voice it out and clear your doubts with the person in-charge.

Performance check

It is very important to know where you stand. At all times try and maintain an open ended conversation and try to analyze where you stand. Speak forthrightly about your performance with your colleagues and your boss. Also you need to voice out your desire to be transferred from an intern to full time. Do not depend on the fact that someone will solicit you for a preference and do you a favor by asking you to continue in the same company. You need to be able to inform your boss and the HR department of your wanting to continue at the same job/ company.

To err is human

Nobody is perfect, remember that well. It is not possible for you to work without being able to goof up here or there. It is a part of the learning process to make mistakes. Just know that, making a mistake and learning form it is taken, but not too many people will take kindly to you repeating those mistakes time and again. Apologize for what you will do wrong and make sure to learn your lesson from it the first time only. Ask questions on how it is to be done differently from the way you did it. Everybody likes a learner!

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