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Top 10 skills required to become successful in corporate sector


Essential Skills to make it big in the corporate world


If you want to be successful in the corporate sector then here are the top 10 things which you should strive for. Here are the top 10 skills required to become successful in the corporate sector:



1) COMMUNICATION (Verbal/Written): This is one of the most essential skills that every employer wants to see in their employee. There is no other alternative for this and you should be good at it if you want to be in the race. One can say it is like a passport to enter into the corporate sector. Communication does not mean only verbal but written as well. Your written communication should be in a professional manner and off course  grammatical correct. Communication also includes listening skills, so make sure that you have good listening  skills as well. There is no better way than practice to improve your communication skills so practice wherever you get a chance to do so. It may be participating in debates, cultural functions, drama, interacting with professors and also your friends. You can also listen to debates on news channel which will help you further in improving your communication style

2) TEAMWORK: This is second most important skill that you should have in your kitty before joining any corporate. Off course most of the team work lessons you learn when you are on the job but it does not mean that you cannot learn something in the present. Even in your day to day work and college activities you get opportunities to work in a team. Team work teaches you lessons which you can never learn from any book or off the internet. It’s a learning ground for all of your skills and to practice them as well, so get involved in a team while organizing cultural functions, tech-festivals, sport meets, alumni meets in your college.

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3) INITIATIVE/SELF MOTIVATION DRIVE: This is a skill that very few people have. These are the people who take charge in everything and reach up to the top hierarchy. Such people are much in demand in every company and they drive all projects on their own. These people are called leaders who take initiatives and motivate others too. Make sure that you are have those skills which takes you forward in life.

4) DECISION MAKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING: This is again a required trait in employees. Decision making and problem solving skills are very rarely found in people and most people prefer to be guided than do the tedious work of decision making themselves. This is again a leadership quality that can help you in your career growth. Industry doesn’t need people who are problem identifiers but it needs those people who are problem solvers and take right decisions at the right time

5) PLANNING,ORGANISING & EXECUTION:Most of us think that we are very good in planning and organizing things, but it is not always the case. It takes a lot of effort, experience and research while planning and organizing things. Execution is the toughest task of planning things. Execution is the phase where you learn all the things and test all your skill set required to make a plan executable.

6) Flexibility: This a very important quality while working in a team. You have to be flexible with your ideas, thoughts and understanding while dealing with your team mates. Corporate sector is very dynamic in nature and if you are very rigid with your style of working then it may be problematic for you in the long run. So be flexible and ready to adapt any new changes in your environment. Flexibility also helps you in managing things  smoothly and without any stress.

 7) Time management: Time management is very important in any job profile. Most of the employees complain about work pressures and long working hours but if you have the skill of time management then you can handle all of it well. You don’t need to be jack of all trades but manage your time efficiently. It also helps in maintaining a balance between your professional and personnel life.

 8) Analysing and investigating: You can be a very good problem solver and decision maker if you can analyse things well. You can take good judgments if you can analyse the data presented before you in right manner otherwise wrong conclusions can be drawn when you don’t analyse all facts and figures in detail. This quality comes with a lot of experience of problem solving and learning from your own mistakes.  Sometime you need to think out of the box and find solutions creatively

 9) Technical know-how: If you do not have proper knowledge of your domain then all above skills are useless and cannot be used effectively. So keep yourself updated with latest technologies in market and explore technical arrears more. You don’t need to be an expert in each and every field but a surface level knowledge of major areas is recommended.

 10) Commercial awareness: Only technical and your personnel skills cannot take you far in your career graph. You need to be aware of your surroundings and latest trends in the market. It can be the icing on your cake.

 May be you do not have all these skills right now but try to incorporate them in your day to day life and make sure they are brushed up regularly. These are the things that can help you in achieving your dreams. All the best.

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-M K Sharma


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