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Over two lakh new jobs to be created by central government

Over two lakh posts are estimated to be created by the central government in its various departments. The central government has projected an increase of about 2.18 lakh in the existing workforce of 33.05 lakh by 2017.

The home ministry will add 5,635 new jobs to take its strength to 22,006 in 2017. There will be 47,264 new posts in police departments to take its total to 10, 75, 341 in 2017 from 10, 28,077.

In defence ministry, there will be an increase of 10,894 in staff strength in 2017, according to the budget estimates presented by finance minister Arun Jaitley. According to Jaitley, the government, wherever required, takes into consideration creation of new posts. The budget estimates on the strength of Central government establishments will help provide good governance.


The civil aviation ministry will have 1,080 more posts to reach a total of 2,140 by 2017. Similarly, the department of atomic energy will add 6,353 new jobs to take the total of manpower to 38,025. There will be an estimated increase of 2,072 posts in 2017 in the external affairs ministry as against the actual strength of 8,913 in 2015.

Mines ministry will have 4,399 new jobs by 2017. The staff strength of the ministry is 8,503, as in 2015. Similarly, the personnel ministry will see a jump of 1,796 new posts from 8,568 in 2015, as per the budget estimates.

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