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Vodafone to emphasize more on Campus Recruitment this year

Telecom giant Vodafone has crafted a new roadmap to add more young and qualified recruits from all over India to its workforce. In order to accomplish that objective, the company has added six new campuses to its wishlist.

Campus Recruitment

The new recruits, according to the Telco, will include professionals from a broad spectrum including technology, management, engineering, as well as legal.

“This year our target is 160 management trainees from tier-1 business, technology and legal schools of India. Year on year we are increasing our presence in educational institutes. We revisit the list of institutes every year based on organisational needs,” said Ashok Ramchandran, director, HR at Vodafone India.


Vodafone’s trainee program dubbed Discover was launched five years back in 2010. Over the past half-a-decade, the company recruited 440 fresh graduates through the program. Most of these young recruits started their career as management trainees.

“In 2015 alone we hired 145 students with a 58 per cent diversity ratio. In 2013 and 2014 we hired 78 and 114 trainees respectively across campuses,” Ramchandran added.

The company also increased the number of pro place offers (PRO) this year. Based on the statistics provided by the company, it offered PROs to nearly 57 per cent of the interns in 2015 as compared to only 37 per cent a year back.

Discover aims to cater to Vodafone’s long-term strategic interest. “With this programme, Vodafone enables its new inductees to make educated career choices by offering them job rotation across functions/states/countries, career path insights, tailor-made development plans that suit each individual, and coaching and mentoring opportunities,” Ramacharndran said.


Graduates are recruited to oversee various aspects of the company’s operations including sales and marketing, finance and accounts HR, CA, IT and technology, supply chain management, and such.


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