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Profit driven business idea for women entrepreneurs


Manifold opportunities for women entrepreneurs have made you commonly see women chauffer driven cabs on roads these days. Thanks to the government initiatives and the several business opportunities that are coming forward for women empowerment. Let’s have a sneak peek into why Indian women are readily adopting the career choices of odd jobs.

With the intention to transform the skill landscape, Government of India is offering myriad opportunities to women. In fact the government’s initiatives to empower women are converting them into entrepreneurs. May be that is the reason why these women entrepreneurs are not even shy of taking up odd jobs of a cab driver, bus conductors or guards.


New age India 

These days, women are leaving no stones unturned to break free from the conventional and gender-specific jobs and are often seen as cabbies on the roads of metros and mini metros. The rise in the demand of preference, by both end customers and job seekers, have opened gateways for women in unconventional jobs which were once thought as male dominated areas.

graph1                                                                        (c) SuccessCDs.net

Trends in trade

The data compilation of the actual applications on Babajob.com, India’s livelihood marketplace, for the year 2015-16, say, there has been seven times more demand from employers for female cab drivers and 153 % increase in applications for the women driver jobs. The data also revealed that there has been five times increase in job opportunities for women delivery executives and 114 % rise in applications by women.

As per the experts, this is the reason that is increasing the number of women applying for unconventional jobs. Mumbai has the higher women applicants as cab drivers as compared to other metro cities.

 Nature of job

With the mushrooming of several radio cab aggregators and the safety required for their women passengers, the demand for women cab drivers has also risen in the recent past. Here below are the pointers that tell about the job profile of the women cab drivers.

When working in a taxi, you would require to:

  • Take the details of the passangers over the radio from the operator or by the taxi service opertaing software
  • Help passengers in boarding the taxi
  • Help passengers to unboard the taxi with luggage 
  • Keep an account of payments as taxi fare
  • Maintain cleanliness inside the vehicle


                                                                (c) SuccessCDs.net


The salary structure

With an average salary of Rs. 10,981.44 per month, a women cab driver can fetch more income, depending upon her working hours, skills, interests and qualities. Apart from salary, a few taxi aggregators offer incentives and bonuses too.

The requisites

To be a taxi driver one has to have-

  • Good driving skills and thorough knowledge of road safety
  • Should be familiar with roads and other areas along with street names, landmarks, flyovers and one way roads
  • Time management
  • Etiquette and skill for customer handling including the angry and drunken passengers 
  • An awareness of disabled access issues


With the facility of flexible working hours, any women can become a cab driver but it is seen that you can find good amount of cab bookings in the evenings and on the weekends. Friday to Sunday can make you pretty occupied and you can expect 40 to 60 hours work a week on full-time basis.

The information for above graphs has been taken from womensweb.in


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