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Better prospects await job seekers in India, says new study


Those joining India’s rapidly expanding workforce in the coming months will have it much easier than their counterparts from today, says a new study.

Flourishing future for job seekers in India

Conducted by the SP Jain School of Global Management, the study depicts a promising future for job seekers as India prepares to see an uptick in hiring. The study included an extensive survey of 1,390 HR professionals across businesses from different sectors, some of them from overseas cities like Dubai, Sydney, and Singapore.


51 per cent of the responders working in the FMCG, banking & financial services, hospitality, and pharmaceutical sectors said that they will require more employees in the coming months as compared to 19 per cent who said they will lay off people. 30 per cent stated that they planned to maintain a steady count in the foreseeable future.

The study clearly highlighted how responders from different sectors were anticipating growth in their respective industries. 40 per cent (mostly from IT, banking, and hospitality sectors) were of the opinion that growth will be moderate over the next few quarters while 15 per cent (manufacturing, biotech, pharmaceuticals) said growth will be stronger compared to last year.

45 per cent (mostly from FMCG and retail) feared that growth will be slower than what they had in 2015.

The report also mentioned that employees tend to prefer those workplaces where they can see themselves as stakeholders.


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