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Huge potential for jobs in Tourism, Healthcare and Infrastructure

CII report on jobs in Tourism, Healthcare and Infrastructure sector

Tourism, healthcare and natural infrastructure will be the key sectors that will create jobs in India, says a CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) report.  The job creation must be on top priority in the making of policies to address this dynamic trend for future according to a report of CII.  The report in Indian Express also says that the systems approach will increase the creation of jobs and also boost the GDP growth by 2 to 3 percent.

The CII also said in its report that there are problems in quality of jobs being created in the country as most of them belong to the informal sector. India must create jobs that drive productivity and offer stability and learning for the employees. For this, there is a need to converge the multiple policy sets through a systems approach for creating jobs in the future.

The report describes the three potential scenarios for the next 10 to 15 years, depending on current policies. The strong small enterprise’s networks, learning systems, universal social security, and technology platforms can create new jobs and livelihoods on a large scale.  The government at the centre, state and district level should be coordinated under the Chief Ministers and Prime minister’s office to create policies and stakeholder participation for future jobs.


Every year 10 to 12 million of youth joins the labour jobs and millions of youth leave the agriculture. Therefore there is a need to create 17 to 20 million of jobs every year to fulfill the employment demand.

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