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CBI asks Centre for assistance to fill 1500 vacancies

With the increase in cases referred to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the centre has called the states to send its officers for filling 1500 vacancies in CBI facing acute shortage of staff. 

CBI Vacancies

Central Bureau of Investigation short of Staff

The Supreme Court and High Courts of the states are referring a large number of cases for investigation to the CBI. The agency is already short of the investigating officers.


The internal filling of posts by CBI would take considerable time due to which the agency requested the states to send a list of names of willing officers to fill the vacant posts on deputation basis.

As per the latest data of CBI, about 1531 posts are vacant in CBI as against the sanctioned strength of 7274. About 1200 cases and 62 foreign investigations are pending for investigation by the agency for which more officials are required.

What is Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) ?

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is the foremost investigative police agency in India, an elite force which plays a role in public life and ensuring the health of the national economy. It is under the jurisdiction of the Government of India.


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